a special day

Dashain. We were invited to celebrate that very important nepali fest in a friends house, in “Katanche” (or at least a village whose name more or less sounds like “katanche”) The man who invited us is named Gautam, he’s the owner of a restaurant right above our guesthouse. His whole family was there, as well as two girls working in the restaurant, Mina and Dolma.

I can’t even start to describe what a beautiful, unforegettable, magnificent day it was! We started quite early, at 7am, we took a cab to the village, about one hour away from Dhulikhel. As we arrived there, we were all impressed by the wonderful landscape, had a nice cup of masala tea, and off we were, direction swing!

After a lot of fun on the “ping”, we went for a swim in the river, it was so much fun, amazing!

Since we came back home all drenched, Indira was so nice and helped Melanie and me out with some dry sari’s. After that, we went to put Tika. It was the first time i got a Tika, it was quite a special moment for me! After that, we had a wonderfully delicious lunch, followed by card-playing and dancing!

Delicious bitten rice with dahl, curry and meat: Yummi!!

Me trying to imitate the hindi-dance-moves and not really succeeding 😛

I’ll never forget this joyful day, the happy faces, the laughters, it was paradise! Thanks so much to Gautam for inviting me, and thanks to all the people who were there and made that day so perfect!

Melanie, Raphael, me, Sandhya, Mina, Niv and Dolma 🙂

In Min’s relatives house in Kuttal, that same evening.


3 responses to “a special day

  1. Thanks for sharing Lotte 🙂 I absolutely love your blog and your pictures!!! Miss you much xxx

  2. Thank you for sharing Charlotte!! 🙂
    It’s so amazing to see you enjoing your time there…this makes me happy!! Keep going and take care. Much blessing, Darlène.

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